• Moving by the Numbers: Is It Time to Move?

    At Stevens World Wide Van Lines, we regularly handle office moves, big and small, so today we’d like you to imagine the excitement of moving into a brand-new office. Studies have shown that 80% of businesses report increased productivity and efficiency after moving, according to an article by by Noah Davis in Inc. Magazine titled “Should You Stay or Should You Go”. There are a bevy of variables that come into play when deciding if your growing business should move or not, some of which Davis gracefully details for us in his article.

    Location is important, especially in the service of your talent, says Davis. If you take a look at where economic growth is happening, you will find that developing areas, such as Midtown, Detroit, are where a lot of potential can be found. Many millennials are moving to areas where developmental progress is on the fore-front. Some compelling reasons businesses are now adhering to such trends are that moving can increase staff retention, polish the corporate image, and improve employee work-life balance. If your company is looking for new recruits, then these are certain factors you should be paying attention to.

    Davis says that when looking for a new office space for your growing company, an important consideration is projecting exactly how big your business has the potential to be. You do not want to find out that you will need to move again in a year because you outgrew your new office. An interesting tactic used by blog network Gawker Media is how they took over a 60,000-square-foot office in Manhattan’s Flatiron District and subleased 1 of the 3 floors to another firm. By doing this, they have room to expand without having to relocate.

    Moving is not always the best idea for a company, and in some instances, may hurt your company. If your firm moves too far, it could upset the commutes of your employees and decrease retention. You must remember to weigh the risks before moving to a new office.

    After taking this into consideration you may find out that a new office is the answer for your growing firm. By making a smart move to a new location, your firm has the potential to recruit new talent and expand your business. Before you sign that lease, make sure that your new space is large enough for your expected growth. Finding out that you need to make another move in a year may not be what you expected. In some instances, staying put is the most economically responsible strategy. Whichever decision you make, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines wishes you a successful future, and hopes one day you get to experience the thrilling realization you’ve outgrown the once-comfortable workplace you currently call home. If you need help with your office move, Stevens is standing ready with more than 100 years of experience. That’s why we’re the way to move.

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  • How to Spot and Avoid Mover Fraud

    Ever heard the expression “it's a marathon, not a sprint”? At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, that's the mindset we tell our customers to take during their move, whether they're moving down the street or overseas. Now, that's not to say you should procrastinate when planning your move; you shouldn't. But after more than 100 years in the moving and storage industry, we've heard the stories of otherwise successful moves going downhill due to unexpected fees or damaged property. So, moral of the story is, do your homework. Be careful, yet efficient.

    In the rush of trying to complete your move as quickly as possible, it can be easy to gloss over even the most critical details of your move, such as which professional moving company you hire. In an industry as competitive as this one, there are a seemingly unlimited number of movers all vying for your business, and while most have good intentions, be on the lookout for fraudulent or fly-by-night operations.

    Protect Your Move

    Don't simply hire the first moving company you come across; thoroughly research their credentials. It takes more time, but it will save you from a moving day nightmare. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says they have received 6,000 complaints about unscrupulous movers in the last two years alone, so these scams are not simply isolated incidents.

    The FMCSA has launched a new program in response to complaints about moving fraud called Protect Your Move. The program aims to inform customers about their rights, the responsibilities of the mover, and helps connect people with reputable moving companies.

    Moving Company Red Flags

    At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we've compiled a list of tips to help you spot the red flags of a disreputable mover, some of which include:

    • No local address. Any legitimate mover will have a physical, local address in plain view on their website.
    • The mover doesn't offer an in-home inspection of your goods.
    • The mover can't show you any licensing numbers.
    • No company trucks. If a generic looking rental truck shows up, rather than a company vehicle, beware.

    Things to Consider When Getting a Moving Quote

    These are just a few of the steps you can take to ensure you get the best move possible from a reliable mover. At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we strive for Total Customer Satisfaction™, which means keeping you informed and up to date during each stage of your move.

    For more information on how to spot mover fraud, or how to have a successful move, download our article on 10 Things You Should Know When Getting a Moving Quote, or fill out our form for a free in-home moving quote.

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  • Closing Time: Real-Estate Agents Using Big Data to Bolster Lead Tracking

    “Coffee is for closers.” Anyone familiar with the world of real estate, or David Mamet, or Alec Baldwin, recognizes that quote. Why do we bring it up? Because recently a Wall Street Journal article penned by Stefanos Chen titled “Thinking Of Selling? They Already Know” came across our desks at Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, and as an approved vendor for several leading Realtors, its contents shine light on an impressive development in the industry.

    Chen's article fleshes out a growing trend in real estate, wherein an increasing number of agents across the country are taking advantage of the various channels provided by Big Data to track, nurture and maintain their sales leads.

    Prospecting For Leads

    The same way Google uses algorithms to rank search results, Big Data is helping the real estate industry to determine likely home sellers and buyers, by analyzing a wide variety of major life events, ranging from the kids moving out to attend college, getting divorced or even buying luxury sports cars.

    According to Chen, more and more agents are buying data subscriptions from companies such as Wealth-X to provide reports on prospective clients so that they may determine who is going to sell and/or buy, and when and where they're most likely to do it. Chen gives the examples of a car collector being directed toward an agent trying to sell a house that has a 6-car garage, and an equestrian lover being nurtured by an agent with multiple ranch listings. And it goes further than that.

    “Then, they got more specific,” Chen said. “Art collectors, because the condo has ample wall space. Empty nesters, because they prefer single-floor living.”

    From there, agents can use targeted advertising to attract users most likely to engage with ads for homes that suit that particular user, based on the data package provided by companies like Wealth-X.

    Data Analysis: How These Metrics Can Improve Your Moving and/or Real Estate Experience

    The point of all of these predictive analytics is to present a clearer consumer picture. It's matching people with opportunities. If you're someone planning a move, and need help both with moving and buying/selling a home, this kind of information leads to better customer service that is tailored to your specific needs. This, in turn, streamlines the process, leading to faster, more efficient moves and real estate transactions.

    Stevens Worldwide Van Lines – The Way To Move™

    Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a proud vendor of some of the leading real estate firms in the world, and as such, we embrace any strides made toward improving customer service in the moving industry. We partner with real-estate agents across the country and around the world to bring customers easy, stress-free moves, as part of helping them meet a new chapter of their life with optimism and excitement. Our relationships with these Realtors is just another branch of our always-growing brand of Total Customer Satisfaction ™.

    For more information on any of our moving services, or for help connecting with the right real-estate agent for you, please contact a Stevens Realty Team Specialist today by calling (989) 921-9323, or by filling out our form to receive a free quote.

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  • Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a proud member of American Moving and Storage Association

    Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a proud member of American Moving and Storage Association.

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  • Peggy Wilken: Second-Ever Female Chair of the International Association of Movers

    Stevens is pleased to announce that Vice President of Government Traffic and Claims for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, Peg Wilken, has been elected Chair of the International Association of Movers (IAM). Wilken's election marks just the second time in the IAM's 53-year history that a woman has attained this position. In an industry typically dominated by men, Stevens is proud of Wilken and the way in which she exemplifies strong female leadership.

    “I feel it's quite an achievement, and it represents how the industry is changing to place greater value on the contributions of women,” Wilken said. “I couldn't be prouder.”

    This election is just another example of the hard work and dedication Wilken has put forth every day for Stevens over the past 33 years. Congratulations Peg…from all of us at Stevens Worldwide!

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  • Wilken Elected Chair of International Association of Movers

    SAGINAW, MI – Margaret “Peggy” Wilken, Vice President of Government Traffic and Claims for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, has been elected Chair of the International Association of Movers (IAM), the moving and forwarding industry’s largest global trade association. The election strengthens Stevens’ ties to IAM while making Wilken only the second female chairperson in IAM’s history.

    Founded in 1962, the IAM is the world’s largest trade association for the moving and forwarding industry, with over 2000 members in more than 170 countries. The organization offers programs, resources, membership protections, and networking opportunities for its members to enhance their businesses and their brands.

    “IAM has a history of strong leadership on the board, and we’re confident Peg will continue that tradition in her new role as IAM Executive Committee Chair,” said Terry Head, IAM President. “Her deep knowledge of the industry and experience in all aspects of U.S. government logistics will serve the Association well as we work to promote the growth and success of our 2,000 members worldwide.”

    Wilken’s election to Chair bolsters Stevens’ already strong ties to the organization. Stevens has been an active member of IAM, formerly the Household Goods Forwarders Association, for decades. Wilken has served on their Board of Directors for the past six years, and has been the Vice Chair for the last two years.

    “We’re very happy to learn Peg has been elected to chair the IAM board of directors,” said Lisa Beranich, Managing Director of Stevens’ International Division. “For over thirty years, she’s handled a demanding role at Stevens with dedication and professionalism. We know this new role will expand her current contributions to IAM and help to deliver real value to the moving industry.”

    As in her previous Vice Chair role, Wilken’s new Chair position will see her heavily involved in advocacy with the federal government. “At IAM, we visit Capitol Hill at least once per year, and return as needed depending on the issues at hand,” she said. IAM has regular contact with the Department of Defense as well as the Federal Maritime Commission, the General Services Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    “I couldn’t be prouder,” Wilken said of her election. “I think IAM is an outstanding organization that provides a very, very powerful voice for the industry in a number of arenas, and they provide incredible networking opportunities for international moving companies. I’m humbled by the association having the confidence in me to be their leader, and I hope they continue to have that confidence that I’m doing the things that contribute to the well-being of our membership.”

    Wilken joined Stevens Worldwide Van Lines in 1981, and has been responsible for the company’s domestic government traffic since 1984. She manages all Stevens’ government moving business in the continental United States and Alaska, handling compliance, regulatory matters, and pricing and rate filing for Stevens’ work with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.


    About Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

    Established in 1905 in Saginaw, Michigan, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a full-service moving company with nearly 150 agent locations throughout the United States. Stevens performs local moves, long-distance moves and international moves with storage operations available for all types. Stevens is a fifth-generation family-owned business and has been named a ProMover by the American Moving & Storage Association in recognition of their dedication to ethical moving practices. For more information, visit Stevens’ website at

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  • Visit Stevens Worldwide Van Lines at the Atlanta Driver Recruitment Event

    Learn. Explore. Connect. This is what you can expect to be doing for FREE when you attend any one of the Atlanta Driver Recruitment Events. As a driver or a carrier this is a job fair that is designed especially for YOU.

    The takes place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday, January 18th. Admission for all drivers and their families is free. This event not only encourages drivers to engage face to face for interviews with carriers, but also to experience the Application and Resume Seminars to learn additional information on what carriers are looking for and want.

    Jim Van Haaren, a Stevens Worldwide Van Lines recruiter, is looking to talk with you at the Stevens Worldwide booth regarding his available opportunities to earn BIG Money with Stevens. You can become an interstate employee driver, a HHG owner operator, or shuttle driver with paid training provided (if you have no current household goods experience). Stop by the Stevens booth to register to win your part of $500 to be given away in five $100 drawings all day Saturday.

    Jim will also be showcasing the Stevens Tractor Lease/Purchase Program which provides completely refurbished, warranted, and low mileage 09',10', 11' T2000 and T700 Kenworth models.

    Families are encouraged to attend the Atlanta Driver Recruitment Event and register for the raffle and door prizes, which are available just for showing up! Take advantage of raceway concessions, networking opportunities, plenty of available truck parking, and more than 40 carriers including Stevens Worldwide Van Lines that have open driving positions NOW! To learn more about driving for Stevens, watch our video here!

    Be part of more than 2000 drivers attending this event. Attend popular seminars on topics such as driver recruiting, driver retention concepts, driver marketing strategies, best practice discussions, peer networking, and more!

    For more information about the event and opportunities at Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, call or email Jim Van Haaren, Cell: 989-395-1809, Office: 800-76503836 Ext. 407 or See you there! 

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  • The American Moving & Storage Association

    In today's blog about the 10 important things to consider when getting a moving quote, we will be discussing the importance of the American Moving & Storage Association. Before you hire a moving company to carry out your move, you should always check to see if they are a member of the A.M.S.A. This is another simple but important step toward making sure your move is handled with the utmost quality and care.

    The American Moving & Storage Association was established in 1936 as a non-profit trade association and it consists of more than 4,000 local and out-of-state movers. It is our recommendation that you only hire a mover that is an A.M.S.A. member, in an effort to avoid dealing with disreputable moving companies. There are a couple of different ways you can check to see if your mover is A.M.S.A. certified. Most companies who are A.M.S.A. members will have a badge posted on their website indicating their membership. The most fool-proof way to check their status however, is to visit the A.M.S.A. website and view their list of ProMovers.

    The A.M.S.A. puts all of its members through a secure screening process at either the state or federal level, and they coordinate with the Better Business Bureau as well. The A.M.S.A. also has its own code of ethics that each member is sworn in under, to ensure they operate in a professional manner. For all of its interstate members, the A.M.S.A has a secondary membership program and they are subject to annual background checks. You can rest assured that if the mover you are in contact with is A.M.S.A. certified, that they are safe, reliable and will go the extra mile to meet all of your moving and storage needs.

    Simply put, the A.M.S.A. can act as a safety net of sorts for you and your family while you plan your next move. Of course you should still conduct your own research when hiring a mover, but by choosing a mover that is an A.M.S.A. member, you eliminate a lot of the big questions about experience, performance and fair business practices. For more information about the American Moving & Storage Association or to look up any of their members, visit today.

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  • Always Get a Binding Estimate

    When you begin doing research and planning for your upcoming move, one thing you learn is that not all moving estimates are created equal. To make an informed decision you should be aware that there are actually different types of estimates, known as “binding” and “non-binding”. The distinction can be significant and may end up greatly affecting the final bill at the end of your move. We briefly touched on this topic in our previous blog about always reviewing your moving quote, and we're going to do a further comparison here as well. To ensure you get the most cost-friendly estimate possible, you should always request a “binding” or “not-to-exceed” moving quote.

    The difference between binding and non-binding estimates is fairly self-explanatory. For a binding estimate, the mover will carry out a walk-through of your home, taking note of everything that is to be moved and estimating the total weight of all of your goods and equipment Once that is complete, the mover will give you a written price estimate based on the assumed weight. Since it is a binding estimate, the mover can only charge you up to that specified amount, regardless of what the actual weight of your move ends up being. It should be noted however, that if the actual weight of your move is lower than the estimate, you are still obligated to pay the previously agreed upon total. There are some exceptions where you may pay more than the binding estimate, such as requesting any additional services from the company such as purchasing packing materials or if you have any goods being moved that require special equipment. The total may also change if you add any items to your move after the initial estimate. A non-binding estimate is essentially the opposite, and the moving company is not bound in any way by the initial dollar amount given. Your final bill will not be given until after your belongings are actually weighed, and you may end up paying more or less than the original estimate. Also, take note that both types of estimates should be given in writing and should clearly detail everything you are being charged for.

    The advantages of the binding estimate are obvious, as you know the upper limit of what your move will cost you and the price cannot fluctuate. While the chance of possibly paying less with a non-binding estimate may be attractive, the last thing you would want is for the pendulum to swing the other way and end up having to pay more than you want to. Play it safe and be informed. Always go with a binding estimate when you consider getting a moving quote.

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  • Ask For References

    When you are applying for a job, one of the things you must have if you hope to get hired is a solid list of references. If an employer is going to hire you they want to make sure you are worth the investment. This same principle is true when considering which moving company to choose for your next move. In today's blog about what to consider when getting a moving quote, we will be discussing why it is important to obtain a mover's references and what kinds of questions you should be asking to ensure you make an informed decision.

    When trying to find references for a particular moving company, online reviews are the most convenient, but word-of-mouth testimony can be even more valuable, especially if the person or company you speak to is located in your area. If the company is nationwide this will give you a feel for what their customer service is like on a more localized level. For any online reviews that you reference, be sure they are as up-to-date as possible. Sometimes companies that had sterling reputations a couple of years ago may have gone down hill for any number of reasons, such as change in management.

    There are plenty of questions you should ask while seeking out references, whether you are looking online, in person or both. Were the movers timely and efficient? How accurate was the company's initial moving estimate? Does the company offer binding or non-binding estimates? In regards to your personal belongings, did the movers handle everything with care? How was the staff? Were they helpful and courteous or were they rude and incompetent? As referenced in past blogs, you should also ask for and verify the mover's D.O.T. number to ensure they operate in a safe and legal manner, and to see if the company plans on bringing in any sub-contractors. Also, when reading online reviews be thorough and take everything with a grain of salt, as some companies have taken to hiring content writers to create positive reviews, regardless of actual performance.

    Remember that when you request a moving quote you are essentially beginning an interview process. You are the employer and you assume all of the risk, so asking for or seeking out references is essential if you want your move to be successful.

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