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Lump sum relocation policies specify the direct pre-determined amount of money given to a transferee to be used to cover moving expenses incurred during corporate relocation. In most cases, lump sums are given with the understanding that actual moving and relocation expenses may be more or less than the agreed upon sum. Corporate relocation allowances and lump sum payments are common components of relocation programs. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines makes the administration of moving allowance and lump sum programs as hassle free as possible. The easy administration of allowance and lump sum programs make these programs very popular.

At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines we assist companies and organizations manage and administer their lump sum programs.

Lump sum services offered by Stevens Worldwide Van Lines include:

  • Relocation policy assistance
  • Pre-move budget counseling
  • Destination settling in services
  • Cash back Real Estate programs
  • Relocation tax counseling
  • Container moving solutions
  • Self packing counseling
  • Pre-move planning workshops

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