Government & Military Moving Companies


Stevens provides complete moving services for government and military personnel. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has strong level of experience moving military personnel and is known as an industry leader in moving the men and women who serve our country in the military and those who work in governmental agencies. If your move is International, Click Here.

Military Relocation Services

If your move is being handled by one of the moving companies listed below, you may use the information in this website during your relocation:

  • Stevens Van Lines, Inc.  d/b/a Stevens Worldwide Van Lines (SVLM)
  • Ability Forwarders, Inc. (ABFA)
  • Ace Van Lines, Inc. (ACEK)
  • Advantage Forwarders, Inc. (AVFW)
  • Burnham Service Co., Inc. (BUSV)
  • Burnham World Forwarders, Inc. (BWFD)
  • Central Van Lines, Inc. (CMVV)
  • Dale J. Cook Moving &Storage, Inc. (CJDM)*
  • Las Cruces Moving & Storage (LACM)*
  • Mid-West Moving & Storage (MDMB)*
  • Oversize Parcel Service (OVPS)*
  • Patriot Forwarders, Inc. (PTFW)
  • Ray the Mover of Manchester (RAYM)*
  • Shamrock Van Lines, Inc. (SHRK)*
  • Shamrock Van Lines International (SVLN)*
  • Stevens Forwarders, Inc. (STVF)
  • Stevens Transportation Co., Inc. (STVP)
  • Summit Moving & Storage (SMVQ)*
  • Yucca Moving & Storage (YMVS)*
*Companies shown with an asterisk are managed by Stevens

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