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How to Use “The Way to Move” Logo

In order to convey the full power of the Stevens Worldwide Van lines brand, it is essential that the logo be used precisely at all times. Our logo should only be used in the way we distribute it. Do not alter the Stevens Worldwide logo or any other approved logos in any way. For a complete guide to the Stevens Worldwide Van lines logo as well as other associated logos, please download the full Logo Usage Guidelines to ensure proper usage of company logos.

For Standard Use:

Please view our logo guidelines for the standard use of the Stevens logo below. If you are an Interstate Agent please view the instructions to the right.

For Interstate Agents:

Please view our logo guidelines and files for Interstate Agents by clicking here to be transferred to another page.

Size Requirements

The size of the Stevens Worldwide Van lines logo can vary depending on the use, but it should never be smaller than 1 1/4” wide in print and 150 pixels wide on the web. Do not separate, tilt, stretch, or otherwise modify the logo.

Common Logo Errors

Because the Stevens Worldwide Van lines logo and other acceptable logos are our brand, they must be treated with careful consideration and respect. Here are some common usage mistakes. To prevent errors in your printed or electronic materials, please remember these simple -- but important -- guidelines:

  • Logo must be used at a 1-to-1 proportion at all times. Never stretch or distort the logo to fit in a certain area.
  • Do not break up the elements of the logo. The Stevens “globe” or “Stevens” word should not stand alone.
  • Do not change the colors of the element on the logo.
  • Do not use the logo against visually competitive backgrounds.
  • Do not substitute typefaces.
  • Do not add a border around the logo or place it within another shape.

Color Backgrounds

The Stevens logos lose credibility and clarity if used against contrasting or competing backgrounds. Be careful to use backgrounds that are complementary to logo and make it legible.

The blue (PMS 300), charcoal grey (PMS 415) and green (PMS 360) logo should only be used on white, natural, cream or very light, neutral colors. It should never be used on bold or bright or patterned or photo backgrounds.

The logo may be used in black on white, light or neutral backgrounds.

Use on patterned or photo backgrounds should be approved by the Stevens Marketing Department. The logo may be used in white on black or very dark backgrounds.

All exceptions must be approved by the Stevens Marketing Department. Please contact Stevens Marketing Department with any questions.

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