Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives 

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines (Stevens Worldwide) fosters a culture that is innovative and forward thinking.  This has led to the implementation of several Green Initiatives with the goal of reducing the impact on the environment and increasing the efficiency of the operation.  These Green Initiatives have been successful, however Stevens Worldwide recognizes the need to formalize our sustainability efforts, establish goals and measure our performance.  Stevens Worldwide is currently working to update its sustainability plan.  This will enable Stevens Worldwide to identify those social, environmental and financial aspects that are most material to Stevens Worldwide.  Once identified, Stevens Worldwide can take measures to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Stevens Worldwide has implemented the following sustainability initiatives:

Stevens Worldwide has implemented several measures to reduce solid waste throughout the company.  These measures include the following: 

  • Paperless processes for the following activities:
    • Invoicing
    • Claims Processing
    • Shipment Management System
    • Payroll
    • Electric On Board Recording (EOBRs) devices in 150 vehicles.  This saves approximately 55,000 paper log document sheets per year.  It is anticipated the entire fleet will be equipped with EOBRs by 2016. 
  • Recycling office paper in all offices. 
  • Sorting reusable and recyclable materials from customer waste and decommissioning projects.  This program has resulted in the recycling of furniture and packing materials that were destined for landfills but now have been redirected to non-profits and recycling centers. 
  • Utilizing plastic office move crates whenever possible on Office and Industrial Relocations. 
  • Re-purposing hotel furniture, fixtures and carpet to avoid dumping into landfills by working with professional liquidators all across the nation. 
  • Reducing the use of cardboard and plastic company-wide by using our Stevens Home Protection Kit™, which includes reusable blue floor runners and doorway pad protection. 
  • Reusing and re-purposing old office furniture and filing cabinets as a result of the renovation to the corporate headquarters. 

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines was awarded the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership designation. In 2014, we received the 2014 Smartway Excellence Award. 

Stevens Worldwide headquarter office completed an office renovation to reduce energy and water use. 

  • The renovation included the installation of 400 energy efficient lights, carpeting with recyclable content and upgraded ceiling tiles and insulation to enhance the building’s heating and cooling efficiencies.  Additionally, hand dryers in all bathrooms and water efficient toilets were installed. 

Stevens Worldwide has been investing since 2007 to reduce air pollution in its fleet. 

  • Stevens’ long haul fleet per federal regulations is 90% compliant and will be 100% 2 years prior to federal guidelines regulations. Stevens has invested over $8 million dollars in reducing air pollution in our fleet. In addition Stevens has installed generators at a cost of $10,000 per tractor that reduce the idle time of our tractors engines by over 50% per year. This dramatically reduces the carbon foot print by not polluting the air with diesel residues from an idling engine.

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