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Online Access for Transferees

Stevens can develop a co-branded Internet page linking corporate transferees directly to the Stevens website. This allows for direct estimate requests or relocation registration.

Stevens’ Online System

  • SVLOnline is a web portal to Stevens shipment and quality systems. SVLOnline is designed to give our partners access to the transferees’ move information. Stevens provides portals for our client partners, our agents and driver partners who provide services to transferees.
  • The site is accessible by using a Stevens-supplied account number and password.
  • Customers who access our site can:
    • Enter service requirements for new relocations
    • Inquire on current and completed relocations
    • Run inquiries online to help manage our relationship
  • There are no extra costs for these services

Data Available Online

In addition to other items, SVLOnline allows the transferee or company to view:

  • Invoicing information
  • Shipments that are in Storage in Transit
  • All open and settled claims for relocating corporate transferees
  • Volumes of shipments by designated dates
  • Customer response reports including how corporate transferees rate Stevens

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