Tips for relocating and finding a job

May 06, 2014

Tips for relocating and finding a job

There are many different challenges that come when moving to a new city, especially when relocating to unfamiliar territory. If one is without a friend or family base, meeting people outside of work can be a frustrating affair. This can be even more challenging if a person does not have an official job. The stress of moving can add to employment roadblocks, but a person can follow a few tips to make this process a whole lot easier.

For example, imagine a girl is living in Boston and her boyfriend gets a great job in Los Angeles. They want to stay together, but the cost of shipping all of their stuff across the country would be astronomical. This couple could use a corporate relocation company to help reduce travel expenses. However, the girl will not move unless she gets a job, so the boyfriend leaves ahead of her.

The first thing this young woman should do is establish a target start date, an absolute day of no return that either means moving or staying put. This will allow for contingency plans that can make a move easier. When she has received an offer, she should negotiate with her new company to help cover the cost of moving and relocation services.

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