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Inventory Throughout each phase of your moving experience, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines takes great effort to ensure safe delivery of your possessions. In the rare event that your valuables are damaged or lost during your move, you can be assured that any mishaps will be resolved in a swift and satisfactory manner.

Below are explanations of Stevens’ two services for valuation of your belongings. Outlined also are Stevens’ responsibilities and customer responsibilities during the moving and claims process as well as the procedure for filing a claim. This information is also readily available as a part of our new Flipbook. Take a look at our Residential Moving Services Brochure for more information.

Your Responsibilities

You are expected to be present on the days of packing, loading and delivery. It is beneficial to have at least one other adult at your home to assist you, as the moving process can be difficult to manage on your own.

Packing: The Choice is Yours

Stevens is experienced at professionally securing, packing and moving your valuable and delicate items. Whether you decide to pack your own household items or request that Stevens pack them is up to you.

If you choose to do your own packing, it is important to use appropriate packing materials and techniques to make sure that your goods are protected in transit. Note: If there is no external damage to a container packed by its owner, concealed damages may not be covered under Stevens’ liability. In the event of such damage, please retain the damaged items and their container(s) for our inspection.

Inventory: Basics to All shipments

Before your shipment is loaded, our driver will catalog all of your household items on an inventory list. The driver also will make notes concerning the physical disposition of each item (noting pre-existing condition) and will attach a corresponding numbered sticker to each.

You are responsible for checking the inventory list to confirm that each household item is accounted for and that the condition of each piece is accurately indicated. Any disagreements with the driver’s notations should be noted on the same inventory sheet.

After loading, you will be asked to sign the inventory sheet and will be given a copy. Make sure information appearing on the inventory form is accurate at the time you sign it.

Before the driver leaves, go through the house, garage, cellar, back yard and storage room to be sure that no household items have been left. Check drawers, cabinets and closets in each room for items that may have been missed in packing.

Valuation Coverage

Valuation is not insurance. It is a limited carrier liability set by our tariff. In the event of loss or damage caused by the carrier during your move, Stevens’ maximum liability is determined by the value at which you release your goods and the coverage option you choose. We want you to understand the coverage options available.

Valuation Coverage Option 1: Basic Liability

Basic Liability is the minimum coverage under which your goods can be released and is provided at no additional cost to you. Stevens’ maximum liability for your shipment is established by multiplying the weight of the shipment by $0.60. Loss or damage will be compensated on the basis of the weight of the article multiplied by $0.60. (Example: If a 100-pound table is lost or damaged, Stevens’ maximum liability would be $60.00 (100 lbs. x $0.60), the cost of repair or actual cash value, whichever is less.)

Valuation Coverage Option 2: Full Value Protection

The best asset protection in the industry, Full Value coverage, provides for repair, replacement or reimbursement (whichever is less) at today’s replacement cost. No depreciation is applied. This coverage extends to pairs and sets. If Stevens cannot replace an exact duplicate to match the other item(s) in a pair or set, we will replace the pair or set and salvage rights may be exercised.

Full Value coverage must be purchased at an amount which is at least equal to the shipment weight multiplied by $5.00 per pound, or $5,000, whichever is greater. (Example: On a 10,000-pound shipment, you must declare a value of at least $50,000.) You can declare a higher value than the minimum and can purchase Full Value coverage at a reduced cost by choosing a $250 or $500 deductible.

High Value Coverage

In an effort to protect your special or valuable belongings, Stevens Van Lines has developed specific procedures for preparing and shipping items of high value. Items of high value are those considered to have value exceeding $100 per pound. Some items typically considered to be of high value include furs, antiques, silverware, crystal, precious metals, art, oriental rugs, tapestries and some computer software.

Stevens asks that you keep your jewelry, currency, small valuables and irreplaceable items with you, as they will not be accepted as part of the shipment. If you decide to include other items of high value in your shipment, you must notify your Stevens representative before packing or loading day. To ensure that these articles are not limited to minimum liability, you must list these items on the High Value Inventory form, which we will provide. Make sure to record signatures, serial numbers and manufacturers’ marks before you sign the High Value Inventory sheet. You may also want to photograph or videotape the items of high value prior to shipping.

It is mandatory for you to sign the High Value Inventory form even if no items of high value are declared. You will also be required to sign the High Value Declaration on the Bill of Lading contract.

If Stevens is packing your belongings, please instruct the lead packer to leave cartons containing high value items unsealed. If you are doing your own packing, do not seal any high value cartons. The driver who loads your shipment must be able to verify that the items listed on the High Value Inventory form are contained in the carton. On loading day, the driver will then seal these cartons and assign an inventory number in your presence.

If a claim is made, the maximum amount of any settlement is limited by the valuation declared for the entire shipment. If high value items are included in your shipment, but not listed on the High Value Inventory form, Stevens’ liability for any loss or damage is limited to $100 per pound per article, regardless of the valuation coverage selected. In addition, any claims settlement will be based on the type of valuation you select. If you choose a coverage that carries a deductible, it would affect the claims settlement made. Before any settlement can be made, you will be required to furnish Stevens with verification of ownership and proof of value.

Unloading: Your Part in the Process

As the driver unloads your shipment, carefully inspect each item for damage and check it off of the driver’s original inventory. If any item is damaged or missing, you must identify the missing items and/or note the damage on the driver’s inventory. Even though you may have pointed out damaged or missing items to the driver, you are responsible for making sure that they are noted on the inventory form. Items damaged in transit or missing items must be noted at the time of delivery. Otherwise, your claim may not be honored.

In the case of concealed damages, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines must be promptly notified after discovery and given reasonable opportunity to inspect the shipment and packing. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines will promptly and thoroughly investigate the claim and will establish a claim file. We consider a reasonable opportunity to be within 60 days from date of delivery. You will be asked, after unloading, to again sign the inventory form. Before you do so, please accompany the driver on an inspection of your shipment and your residence. Unless you have noted damaged or missing articles, your signature means that you have received your articles in the same condition as when you tendered them to Stevens for transportation.

Guaranteed Service Claims

Guaranteed service claims must be filed in writing within 30 days of the delivery date. These claims must be filed directly with Stevens’ Claims Department and must include appropriate receipts for reasonable and customary expenses (100% of lodging and 50% of meals) for each day the shipment is delayed, not to exceed the linehaul transportation or $125/day. To qualify for these reimbursements, certain requirements must be met; ask your Stevens' representative for details.


Stevens and the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) have made an arbitration program available to you that is a less costly alternative to the court system in settling disputes involving loss or damage claims. Under arbitration procedures, two parties unable to resolve their differences submit their dispute to an impartial third person for a final determination. The proceeding is governed by rules and procedures agreed upon in advance by both parties. The program is administered by the National Arbitration Forum (“NAF”), an independent non-governmental organization not affiliated with either the AMSA or Stevens Van Lines.

You may request arbitration by writing to the following address:
AMSA at 1611 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314, or you may contact Stevens Van Lines for further information.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is NOT responsible for the following conditions:

Inherent Vice / Mechanical Condition Unknown

Inherent vice means that the carrier is not responsible for any damages which are inherent to the article being shipped. We are not responsible for any damage to the internal (mechanical) condition of appliances or electronic equipment unless there is exterior damage noted to the item, or to the carton in which it is packed.

Climatic Condition

Any damages that are the direct result of change in temperature and humidity are beyond the carrier’s control.

Packed by Owner (“PBO”) Cartons

Stevens Van Lines may not be liable for any items that have been packed by someone other than a Stevens representative, unless the carton itself has been damaged. If carton damage is visible, it must be noted on the inventory.

Filing a Claim

To report loss or damage to your shipment, call 1-800-678-3836 and ask for the Claims Department or email us at Please have the following information available when you call:

  1. Your mailing address, including zip code.
  2. The seven-digit registration number found at the upper right-hand corner of your Bill of Lading.

Within 24 hours, a claim form and filing instruction will be mailed to you. Please do not discard any damaged items until a Stevens’ representative has been given the opportunity to view the damage.

You must file a claim for loss, damage, or delay within nine (9) months of your delivery date. We strongly recommend that you file your claim as soon as possible so that processing time is not delayed.

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