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We've all heard the saying “Two is company, but three is a crowd." Normally an idiom such as this refers to personal relationships, but it is applicable in the business world as well: Specifically the moving and storage business. In today's blog we will be discussing sub-contractors and how they can affect your upcoming move.

When you are getting a moving quote, it is important to ask the moving company if they sub-contract any of their jobs to another mover. When a sub-contractor is brought in to perform all or part of a move, it can complicate the whole process. Bringing in a third party is not an inherently bad idea, but it certainly can increase the chances of a communication breakdown, making your move more stressful than it needs to be.

If your moving company is planning on using a sub-contractor, then there are a few important questions you should ask before moving forward. Firstly, why is the use of the sub-contractor necessary? What is the sub-contractor offering that the initial moving company isn't? Most importantly, do the answers to these first two questions carry enough weight to justify another company being brought in? Secondly, as noted in our blog post about D.O.T. numbers, do your research to obtain the sub-contractors registration information. Your moving company should be able to provide this information for you, but doing your own search doesn't hurt. Lastly, while doing your research you should inquire about any insurance offered by both the moving company and the sub-contractor. Should something go wrong during your move, you don't want to be left with damaged goods and an uninsured sub-contractor.

For any relocation to be successful, you need to trust the people handling your move. To avoid any unforeseen complications, it is best to only trust sub-contractors who are associated with national van lines. Most of these companies will have badges on their websites noting that they are “an agent for” a particular van line, such as Stevens Worldwide. Getting a moving quote sounds like a simple enough task, but to be certain you are getting the highest quality service and protection during your move, these simple steps can help make your move a seamless one.

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