A New Program Aims to Combat the Stresses of Military Moving

Families that include active military members make many sacrifices for their country. One that is often overlooked is their willingness to uproot their lives by moving across the country or world. A new program – the Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) – aims to minimize the negative effects of such military moving.

There are many components to such a move, and the RAP is hoping to tackle them all. Minimizing stress that can accompany a move, providing materials for moving and packing tips and offering assistance with job searches are all core components of how the RAP hopes to smooth this kind of transition.

As a storehouse of information, the RAP can also help relocating families save money.

“The RAP has been proven to save money for the member by teaching them about the entire PCS [permanent change of station] process and making them aware of all the PCS and travel money entitlements,” Kathy Peterpaul, RAP specialist, told the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System.

Another feature of the RAP is its loan locker, which provides recently relocated families with access to households from which they can borrow free-of-charge while they are waiting for the arrival of their belongings.

To help make that wait as brief and worry-free as possible, families could make use of military moving services for fast and reliable long distance moving assistance.