Can My Household Goods Please Unpack Themselves?

If you’ve ever moved before, chances are you may have reached the point where the important items are unpacked and put away in their proper location, but you still have sealed boxes, or seldom-used items unpacked but not put away. Sometimes the moving process seems to take forever, and you’re not alone if you find yourself tempted to shove some of those unpacked boxes in the closet or the garage and wash your hands of the situation. Fear not, for everyone has been there at some point. Below, we outline some tricks to help you stay focused in unpacking.

What’s Keeping You from Finishing?

Often times certain boxes can’t be unpacked because a specific household upgrade needs to be completed first. It’s possible you can’t unpack your television set because your entertainment center shelves aren’t installed yet. Books may need to stay packed up until your floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are installed. Maybe you can’t unpack and hang the rest of the curtains because you need to install curtain rods first. No matter what the issues are, identify and list out the installations by priority. The key here is to be specific: The more time you spend detailing your lists, the higher the probability you have of crossing off every last task.

What if you “don’t have time” to finish unpacking your household goods? If that’s the case, then get out your calendar or planner and identify the times when you don’t have to work, or have other commitments. No matter what time it happens to be, block it off. Another handy piece OF advice is to utilize your smart phone. Set reminders and alarms, and make a list of what you want to accomplish in the time you do have available; break up your master list into chunks and assign tasks to each time slot. By breaking up what you can accomplish in a given amount of time, the last of your packing will feel less intimidating.

Treat Yourself!

It’s happened before, someone moves a month ago and they’re still tripping over boxes. Set deadlines to get everything unpacked and the boxes broken down and taken care of. Utilize your to-do list, and schedule time to get everything taken care of. To help entice you do it, come up with a reward for each time you meet your deadlines. Try to make your rewards personal, but still out of the ordinary; not a treat you would give yourself every day. If going out to eat is a normal part of your routine, don’t include it in your rewards list. Splurge for your rewards so the next time you are reluctant to complete one of your unpacking tasks, you can use the reward to motivate yourself.

Look at the Big Picture

At a time when you don’t feel like unpacking your entire household and putting it away, it can be tempting to fall into the trap of thinking “I’m not going to need this now, why even unpack it?” However, think of what will happen if you leave the unpacking until the time when the items are needed. If it’s the good china and you won’t need it until Thanksgiving or Christmas, keep in mind of all the work that goes into hosting family and friends for a holiday, and think about the additional work (on top of cleaning and cooking) unpacking, cleaning and putting away dishes will be.

A sense of accomplishment will set in when you’ve met your deadlines and finished everything. It’s okay to brag that you’re now 100% unpacked and settled in your new home!

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