What Not to Pack

As you plan for your move, keep in mind that there are a number of items your movers are not allowed to take on the truck. Here is a list of items recommended by Stevens Worldwide Van Lines that cannot be moved with your household goods during your relocation. Please double check your boxes before they are loaded onto the moving truck to keep your items and the truck safe.

As you plan for your move, keep in mind that items such as medications, houseplants and jewelry cannot be packed on a Stevens truck for safety considerations.

If you have questions about certain items and whether they’re advisable to put on the moving truck, reach out to your Stevens agent. For instance, though it isn’t on our What Not to Pack list, it’s helpful to bring a box with you in your vehicle that includes some of the items on the list – such as medication and cash – but also bleach wipes, phone and tablet chargers, and your moving folder. These are the items you’ll need first on the road and when you arrive at your new home.