Our Commitment to Helping You Through the Unexpected

We want every move to go perfectly, but sometimes there are bumps in the road. When mistakes happen, Stevens wants to ensure we do everything we can to resolve the problem. If you need information or help filing a claim for damage to any of your items, our professional claims representatives can help. Just call 855-997-6953 to speak to a claims representative or email If your load date was prior to April 15, 2019, please email

If you’ve experienced any loss or damage to your belongings, please do not repair, dispose of or relocate any item for which you are submitting a claim. Additionally, if an item was packed in a carton and the carton was damaged, please keep the damaged carton until the claim review is complete. Your cooperation in this regard helps expedite the claim review process.

For your convenience, our claims department reviews claim forms submitted within nine months of the date of delivery to your residence.

Have damage to the outside of your residence?

Damage to property outside your residence at either loading or delivery should be reported directly to our Safety Department at  855-931-1456, x375. Property damage inside of your residence should be included on your claim form.

Are you making a claim on a military move?

If you experienced any loss or damage to items moved through the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), your claim must be filed through the DPS portal. To access the DPS portal, you will need your Government Bill of Lading (GBL) number for your shipment as well as your Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) login information.

Is yours a local claim?

If your relocation did not cross state lines, (e.g., Orlando, FL to Tampa, FL) please contact the local agent that handled your move. If you need additional assistance identifying your agent, please call 800-428-5010.