Understand Stevens' Website Privacy Policy

Privacy is a primary concern for our customers, and it’s a primary concern for Stevens. In short, we’re committed to protecting it. We value our relationship with you, and we’ve crafted a privacy policy to help you understand how we protect your information.

Information Covered in This Policy

This policy applies to all personal and financial information Stevens collects during business transactions. Our privacy policy begins as soon as we collect information and lasts even after the transaction is complete.

How We Obtain Information

Stevens has a variety of means by which we collect information, including:

  • Information submitted via our website, through phone calls, and in mailings (including email)
  • Information collected through “cookies,” which track and collect viewing and clicking data, as well as other data about visitors to our website
  • Transactions you conduct with any of the companies or agents in the Stevens family
  • Anyone you have authorized to provide information
  • Other services provided to you, in connection with a financial product or service

More About Our Use of Cookies

Stevens utilizes first and third-party cookies to see how our visitors are using the website. This can include which pages are viewed, what links are clicked, how much time a user spent on a single page, and other basic website usage data. We use this information to improve our website for customers over time. Should you want to opt out of having your data collected, you can find more information here.

The Security of Your Information

We will use your information only for our intended purposes. Our partners and suppliers will receive only information necessary for the intended use and are bound to uphold our privacy policy. Your personal information is also limited to those employees who need it in order to offer you the right products and services for your needs. Stevens is part of a larger corporate family, so your information might be shared with our other companies to provide you the best possible service. Stevens will provide your authorized agent with the necessary information to complete your product and service requests.

We’ll Never Sell Your Information

Stevens absolutely does not sell your personal or business information to outside parties. The only people who will receive your information are those who are authorized to have access to it to provide you with the correct products and services.

Questions? Contact Us

If you still have concerns about your privacy, or would like more information, please email us at stevenscustomercare@wvlcorp.com.