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With an entire new city to discover, planning a big move can be an exciting time for any family. If you are looking to move to or from Dallas, or the surrounding North Texas area, choose Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to be the movers you can trust to get the job done. We will work with you to create a custom moving plan that meets your needs, to ensure that you can move confidently. So if you are planning a move to Dallas, here are some vital moving tips to help get you on your way.

Moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

If you move to Dallas, you will be living in the largest of a collection of cities in North Texas commonly referred to as ‘DFW’ or ‘The Metroplex’. Together with Fort Worth, Arlington and others, the area combines to create the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country with a population of 6.9 million spanning over twelve counties.

Dallas has a humid subtropical climate and usually sees temperatures reaching 110 degrees in the summer making it one of the hottest regions in the United States. The heat has never deterred settlers, however. The territory on which Dallas now sits has flown under six flags: Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The Confederate States of America and the United States. It is from this history that the popular theme park, Six Flags (located in nearby Arlington), derived its name. In more recent history, American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during an official visit to Dallas in 1963. A number of local museums and monuments exist to honor his memory and educate visitors wanting to learn more about the horrible tragedy.

Sports in Dallas

Sports fanatics moving to Dallas will not be disappointed. Dallas is also home to a number of professional sports franchises: Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, Dallas Stars of the NHL, MLS’s FC Dallas and the world’s most valuable sports franchise—the Dallas Cowboys. The economy of Dallas is driven by more than sports, however. Dallas is also the center of the region’s powerful oil and natural gas industry.

Experienced Dallas Movers

If you are looking to move your home or business to or from Dallas, or the surrounding cities of North Texas, choose Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to be the experienced movers you can trust. We have been helping people relocate in Dallas since 1905.

To receive a free moving quote for your move to or from Dallas, call Stevens Worldwide at (877) 490-0713 or fill out our quick and easy online form.