Need specialized handling? Let us do the worrying.

Wheaton_366x281_Inline_SpecialCommodityAt Stevens, we don’t just move homeowners—we work with corporate customers across a variety of industries, from hospitality to commercial and industrial businesses and beyond. Moving such customers often means moving special and sensitive commodities. If you need help with the transportation logistics involved in such a move, we’re the company to call. Aside from hazardous materials, we can handle just about anything. Examples of special commodities include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Computers and IT equipment
  • Unique furniture items
  • Appliance
  • Store fixtures

When it comes to your unique item, we take care of the details, from loading and unloading to providing extra coverage.

Stevens Logistics Services

Some commodities can be especially difficult or sensitive to move. That’s why Stevens Logistics Services (SLS) offers complete, professional loading services, utilizing air-ride trailers that come equipped with straps, decking material, furniture pads and more. But logistics is more than simply loading a truck—it also means coordinating delivery to bring commodities on schedule, and it means honoring date commitments. We’ll confirm these commitments in writing and coordinate by phone prior to your driver’s arrival.

Medical Equipment and Laboratory Transportation

Medical equipment and laboratories with biological substances are often time- and temperature-sensitive, and you need a mover that understands how crucial it is for these commodities to arrive unscathed. At Stevens, we have experience in loading, packing, securing and unloading sensitive medical devices and equipment.

Moving Office Equipment

Undergoing a corporate relocation can be stressful. In the digital age, office equipment isn’t confined to filing cabinets and desks. Oftentimes, moving your office means moving computers that contain crucial information necessary for your business to function. Stevens gets it, and that’s why we take care to carefully load, secure and unload your office and even industrial equipment.


If you still have questions about whether Stevens is right for you, check out our partnerships page to see some of the other organizations we work with. You can also review our legal information for your own peace of mind. When you’re ready to request a competitive quote or to ask any questions, please email